Insurance Discounts

//Insurance Discounts

Everyone likes to find ways to save money, right? Fortunately, there are a number of discounts that can save you money on your insurance. Some discounts are pretty common – auto/home policy, multi-policy discount, good student, good credit score, and premiums paid in full. But there are also some lesser known discounts. Do you qualify for any?

  • Volunteer EMS or firefighter
  • Individuals with post-high school degrees
  • Those who get a quote in advance (before current policy expires)
  • Certain careers, including teachers
  • Some employers offer discounts, such as Kwik Trip or Wick Homes
  • Businesses who are members of the Chamber of Commerce
  • Individuals who are part of membership organizations, such as AARP or an Alumni group
  • Longevity discount for those who were with their prior insurance company a long time
  • Individuals over 45 years of age
  • Homes with a new or newer roof or claim-free history; age of the home

If you think you qualify for any of these discounts and would like to do a policy review, contact Meyer Insurance today.

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