Do you know the implications if you were to post rumors about someone online, a co-worker or another parent from the PTA that implied drug use, promiscuity, or other information that could damage that person’s reputation?  With employers beginning to look up applicants on social networking sites, rumors and gossip have the very serious potential to damage someone’s ability to find a job.  Or if you were to “out” someone’s private medical condition, there’s the potential that someone could pursue legal action under a type of defamation known as publication of private facts.  Finally, invasion of privacy is another common exposure, especially for people who live in close proximity, with claims of “peeping tom” activity.  Interestingly, a standard homeowners or renters policy would not cover these instances.

In order to cover claims from the kinds of situations above, homeowners and renters policies must have a “personal injury” endorsement.  Contact us to see if your policy already has this personal injury endorsement and if not, we will be able to help you get one.  You may be surprised to find that this expanded coverage may not cost you much additional premium.  A personal injury endorsement covers costs up to the limit of your policy to defend you, pay a judgment or settle a case when legal action is brought against you for defamation.