It may seem like a contradiction to prepare for something unexpected, but it can be done. Emergencies or disasters occur at anytime or anywhere. Some happen seasonally, allowing time for preparation, while others occur without warning. Essential services could be disrupted by a disaster forcing you to rely initially on your own resources after an emergency.

Being prepared may mean the difference between getting back to life quickly, having a claim denied or paying more than you thought. This blog post is part one of two that is dedicated to helping you be prepared for the unexpected.

Let Us Help You Be Prepared

The first step in being prepared for the unexpected is having Meyer Insurance as your partner. In order for us to help, we need to hear from you. The more we know about you and any changes in your insurance needs, the better we can serve you.

Email Address

Please provide us with your current email address. This may be the only way we can communicate with you in a major disaster or emergency. Here’s how to get that information to us:

1.  Call: (608) 643-3000, or

2.  Web:, or

3.  Email:

We DO NOT sell/share email addresses.

Insurance Check-Up

Just like you visit the doctor or take your car in for an annual check-up, it is important to do the same for your insurance. Things change, life is busy and letting your insurance agent know about home improvements or driver changes may not be at the top of your mind. That’s where we can help. Call to make an appointment (weekends and evenings are available too) or fill out the Insurance Check-up form. We will work with you to make sure you’re covered.

Knowing Your Deductibles

Review the deductibles for losses in your policy annually. While you may have an overall deductible for your policy, it’s important to know if you have a separate deductible for certain events. Many insurance companies now have higher deductibles for wind and hail damage.

Storm Chasers & Roof Updates

If your house has hail or storm damage, make sure to use a local contractor for the repairs. Storm chasers are almost always from out-of-town and go house-to-house looking for business. Ask family or friends for recommendations on a reputable contractor. Insurance companies are now requesting updates when a roof has been replaced. If your roof has recently been replaced, please let us know – it may save you some money!

Determining A Residence

Most homeowner’s insurance policies provide protection for the dwelling on the “residence premises,” or the home “where you reside.” But what happens if you no longer (or never) reside there? For example, a parent goes into the nursing home and the home in now unoccupied. If a fire or other catastrophe occurs, the claim could be denied due to the insured person not residing in the home at the time of loss.

Let us help you prepare for the unexpected. Contact us at (608) 643-3000 or