School starts in less than a week! Now is a good time for a refresher on the rules of the road around school buses, in school zones, dangers of distracted driving and how to keep pedestrians safe.

School Bus

According to the National Safety Council (NSC) some 25 million students nationwide travel to and from school on a bus. The NSC reports that a school bus is considered the safest mode of transportation because of its size and construction, causing only one percent of all student fatalities during school travel times. Even though this statistic is low it’s still one percent too high.

School Zones

A school zone is any area near a school or crosswalk leading to a school. School zones typically have speed limits between 15 and 25 mph and fines for speeding in these areas usually double.

Distracted Driving

According to a study by Safe Kids Worldwide, one in six drivers in a school zone was distracted by cell phones, music, engaging in conversation, smoking, eating, grooming or reaching for something.

Pedestrian Safety

According to Safe Routes to School, roughly 13 percent of children ages five to 14 years old walk to school. Children are unpredictable and often difficult to see; always use caution and look out for them near schools and playgrounds.

Let’s make this a fun and safe school year for everyone!