Preparing For an Emergency or Disaster

Technology can help ease the pain after your personal or commercial loss. Use common technology you already have on a daily basis to get ready in the event of an emergency or disaster. Store Information Online. Save an electronic version of insurance policies and important papers at a secure source like Google Drive or Dropbox. […]

Back Up Sewer & Drain Coverage

Picture this. You open the door to your basement and see six inches of water or sewage. There is never a “good time” for these instances to happen. Some of your first questions may be: How did it get in? How am I going to get it out? And, do I have coverage for this? […]

February Is Insure Your Love Month

You may have your eye on planning date night and buying flowers this month, but February is also a great time to review your life insurance policies and consider if there have been any changes in your life. A marriage, a new birth, your child headed off to college in the fall? Life’s turning points need protection. Also, according to a […]

Tips to Get Through Winter Water Damage in Your Home

With the whipsaw Wisconsin winter weather (warmups, snow storms, rain, and sub-zero temperatures), it is always a good idea to check that your sump pump is running, pipes are not freezing, and the basement is dry. Pipes can freeze during quick drops in temperatures, incidences of poor insulation, or your home thermostat is set too […]

Cyber Liability Coverage

Did you know that any business connected to the Internet, even for a short amount of time, is at risk of exposing sensitive information? The costs related to a data breach – regulatory compliance, lawsuits and even the loss of customers – can put a small or medium-sized company out of business. Yet 95 percent […]

Meyer Insurance Awards Scholarships

Meyer Insurance awarded three area students with scholarships to go towards their college education. Applicants needed to be children of Meyer Insurance clients and priority was given to those wanting to enter the insurance and/or business field. Danielle B., Kaitlyn B. and Ryan C. each received a scholarship from Meyer Insurance. The agency plans to […]

Life Insurance – Plan Now to Protect Your Future

Portrait Of Hispanic Couple Hiking In Countryside Wearing Backpacks Smiling To Camera

Did you know approximately 40% of Americans don’t have life insurance? But life insurance is more than just paying for funeral expenses; it is an important tool in protecting your assets and your family’s financial future. It can also help make an already difficult time a little easier. Who needs life insurance? Everyone! Young or […]

Are You Prepared?, Part Two

Family sitting in a park in fall, smiling and looking at camera

This blog post is part two of two (read part one here) that is dedicated to helping you be prepared for the unexpected. Now that you’ve reviewed your insurance coverage the next step in being prepared is making sure you are protecting you, your family and your assets. Potential Risk of a Coverage Gap Your […]

Are You Prepared?

It may seem like a contradiction to prepare for something unexpected, but it can be done. Emergencies or disasters occur at anytime or anywhere. Some happen seasonally, allowing time for preparation, while others occur without warning. Essential services could be disrupted by a disaster forcing you to rely initially on your own resources after an […]

Does Volunteering Your Time Mean Volunteering Your Insurance?

Millions of Americans donate time—their most valuable asset—to serve as a volunteer board member on non-profits, booster clubs, churches, PTAs and civic organizations, just to name a few. The decisions these folks make can have a dramatic impact on their respective organization—and not always for the better. If a volunteer endeavor goes bad, would a […]

Three Important Reasons to Have Renters Insurance

Outside of Apartment Building with many floors

Every dollar you take home is important and you do your best to spend it wisely. When purchasing a house, most people borrow from a bank and are required by the lender to buy insurance. However, when you rent, that check and balance system isn’t in place to remind you of the risks of being […]