Ah, August. The scent of pumpkin spice is not yet in the air, but there’s a lot to get your college student ready – housewares, textbooks, school supplies, insurance? Yes. Consider the following, and if you have any policy questions, please call at (608) 643-3000.

Car Insurance

Where is your student attending college? If you’re a parent whose child is attending school out of state, you may be able to keep him listed on your car insurance policy, if you own the vehicle he is driving. If the car is jointly titled in student and parent name, or the parent’s name, the student may be able to stay on your policy. Otherwise, he or she might need to buy his own separate insurance policy.
Be sure your insurance provider knows where your student is enrolled, where the car will be parked most of the time, and what date the location change will happen if they are home for the summer. All this information will help us get you your Good Student Discount faster, too, if applicable!

Renter’s Insurance

If a student attends college while living at home, he or she is covered by your parents’ homeowners or renters insurance. If the student lives in on-campus housing, your parent’s insurance will extend to you if you are listed as a dependent, but it depends on the policy, and read your policy or call to double check if it’s unclear.
If you live off campus, the owner of the building’s (landlord’s) insurance will not cover you, and your parent’s insurance will not cover you. The average renter’s policy costs $188 per year, only dollars a month. Your student will need the policy in her name.

Health Insurance
Sometimes college campuses offer health insurance for students. If your health insurance plan continues to cover your child until age 26 under the Affordable Care Act, make sure a duplicate plan isn’t added or purchased on campus. Make sure your child has a copy of the health insurance card and knows the best clinic to seek out.