Where Do I Begin?

Researching, planning and purchasing insurance can seem intimidating, but here at Meyer Insurance we are committed to helping you on your insurance journey. We will help you from the beginning to the end with your needs and goals.

1. Research and learn about Insurance terms.

Do you know what a premium is? A deductible? Research before you start so that you can accurately understand different insurance policies and coverages.

2. Does your employer offer insurance through your job?

Always ask your employer or someone in the human resources department to explain to you what type of insurance is included with your employment. Do you have full benefits, like life insurance and health insurance? Only partial?

3. Determine what type of Insurance you still need to purchase after Step #2

Do you still need health insurance? Life Insurance? Car Insurance?

4. Find a local insurance agent to discuss your goals and needs for the insurance you want to purchase

Here at Meyer Insurance, we match one of our agents to you based on what you need and what you want for your future. Feel free to contact us at anytime at 608-643-3000 or meyerins@meyeragency.com

5. Describe your needs and goals in a detailed way to your Insurance agent

Once you know what types of insurance and coverages you need, be specific and detailed with your insurance agent so that they can insure your success for the future.