Meyer Insurance is proud to partner with a number of financially sound, customer-focused insurance companies. We plan to feature our partners on this blog to help you get to know them a little better. First up – Acuity Insurance out of Sheboygan, WI.

Acuity Fun Fact: North America’s tallest flag pole is located at the company’s headquarters in Sheboygan. The pole is 400 feet high and the U.S. flag it flies is 60 x 120 feet.

Founded in 1925, Acuity provides insurance for both individuals and businesses. Customer satisfaction is very important to Acuity. In fact, their claims service consistently receives a 96% satisfaction rating. This is because of the people that work at Acuity. They are committed to making a difference and helping people and businesses put their lives back together when disaster strikes.

One way Acuity does this is through utilizing the latest technology to speed up the claims process. For example, if there is a natural disaster, Acuity doesn’t wait for claims to be submitted. They work with local agents to determine the need and equip adjusters with the latest tools to help those affected get their lives back to normal more quickly.

Acuity works with a network of independent agents, like Meyer Insurance who has offered Acuity Insurance for more than 45 years. This is important because if you do need to make an insurance claim, you want someone in your area who knows you versus a website or 800 number. Your agent also works closely with Acuity to make sure your claim is handled quickly so the restoration process can begin right away.

Contact Meyer Insurance for more information about Acuity Insurance or any of the other companies that are our partners.