Let’s turn our eye east of the Sauk City and Prairie du Sac area for an insurance case study.

The July 10, 2018 explosion in downtown Sun Prairie, caused by a hit and leaking gas line, caused much destruction and changed lives. Firefighter Cory Barr, 34, was killed, and his business with his wife, Abby, burned to the ground. Although Main Street opened back up this week, and businesses were given the green light to come back, the future of destroyed homes and businesses are uncertain. Employees are searching for jobs and dislocated renters are searching for housing.

One business owner who’s remaining positive in the news is Adam Bougie, owner of Glass Nickel Pizza. In a July 14 Sun Prairie Star newspaper article, Bougie says that his commercial insurance will provide wages (known as “lost wages”) for the restaurant’s full time staff for a year and help part-time employees for a couple of months. (Please note: Bougie and Glass Nickel are not Meyer Insurance customers.)

With emotions at high, Glass Nickel employees can take a few days or weeks before looking for work, and this is the peace of mind the right commercial package can bring you.

Meyer Insurance commercial agent and president Lise Meyer-Kobussen, says, “Each company has their own definition of how much and how long they will pay for employees’ wages under the business income and extra expense coverage.” She notes price shouldn’t be the only factor, but quick response from your insurance agent is important.

Some of the apartment renters in this Sun Prairie district are seeking community donations of clothing and furniture because they did not have renter’s insurance and have lost everything.

It’s important to remember that for about $10 per month, renter’s policies cover personal belongings, a stay in a hotel, and living expenses until they find a new place. They also have liability coverage in case an injury could happen.

We can also help with renter’s insurance for those moving apartments this summer and students returning to college apartments. We’re here to answer your questions.