12/8/2010 – To Lise Meyer-Kobussen, Meyer Insurance

I want to thank you for helping me find better insurance options and taking the time to make me feel at home. Walking into your business I could tell this would be a new experience. Everyone was very friendly and made me feel welcome. We then started our 1 to 1 and you explained your philosophy of getting the most complete possible coverage at the best price, and only working with insurance carriers that had great customer service. This sounded great, but I never expected that you would deliver as much as you did.

In the 9 plus years of running my own business, I’ve worked with a lot of insurance agents. It wasn’t until I switched health insurance for the 7th time that I learned the value of an independent agent. I had been in a pattern of hearing the flaws in my current plan, and being sold on a new one… which when another company would come along I’d hear the problems with and switch again. When I found an independent agent, it all changed and I felt I was able to find something that fit my needs rather than sugar coating flaws and shoe horning me into the one policy they sell. So I was interested to see what you could do for my business, since it’s the most expensive insurance I pay for.

Business insurance that covers the unique needs of my industry was pretty hard to come by back in 2001 . So when I found it locally I stayed with it. While I never felt valued, I didn’t know it could be any better. I also didn’t know that I was paying for coverage that was far beyond my needs, and overpaying in general. First you found the same coverage for about $500 a year less than I was paying. Then by taking the time to get to know my actual needs, you recommended trimming back coverage that wouldn’t do me any good, and adding a few things that I should have. This saved another $500! You’ve proven that you live by the philosophy of tailoring coverage to each individual and truly find the best price, for quality coverage.

Then to go even further, I had previously been happy with my auto insurance, but you found a way to get the same level of coverage and save over $300 a year.

I hope I never need to make a claim, but if I do it’s good to know that I will be in good hands with an agent that’s truly on my side. For the first time since starting the business, I feel covered and will now have $1 ,300 more in my pocket each year.

Anyone I can send your way, I’ll do so without hesitation. Thank you,

Kurt Wenger 

Drop Frame Productions, Inc.