Spring is finally here in Wisconsin, and you’re thinking about adding your boat, convertible, or motorcycle back onto your policy after winter storage.

But did you know that your recreational vehicles may need insurance beyond your homeowner’s policy? And that the definition of “recreational vehicles” may vary by insurance company?

We can help you review your policy – ATVs, lawn tractors, golf carts, mopeds, snowmobiles, battery powered scooters or even a Barbie Dream Car drivable children’s car may need an insurance endorsement or a separate policy for complete protection.

1. Lawn tractors could be covered under a homeowner’s policy, but only if “used solely to service an insured’s residence.” If you use it to mow a neighbor’s lawn out of the goodness of your heart, it may not be protected. If you frequently mow others’ lawns, find out about getting liability coverage or physical damage coverage through an endorsement or a separate policy.

2. ATVs and snowmobiles will usually have homeowner’s liability coverage while they are on residence property. If you drive your all-terrain vehicle off your property, or require more liability or physical damage protection, it may be better to start a separate policy for it.

3. Most golf carts have liability coverage under a homeowner’s policy while used on a golf course. If you drive to the golf course from your residence to the course, this is a gray area that a separate policy or an endorsement could protect.

4. Battery Powered scooters and Barbie Dream Cars. It may seem like we are being overly cautious. But truthfully, most homeowner’s polices do not cover liability once these toys leave the residence. Liability coverage is available to purchase as an endorsement to some homeowner’s policies.

5. Mopeds. In Wisconsin, mopeds must be registered with the DMV and have a certificate of title. Insurance coverage should be a separate policy and is usually very affordable.

Finally, check with us on your homeowner’s policy terms before you purchase that giant trampoline at Walmart for the kids or grandkids. In April, one of our savvy clients called in before purchasing a trampoline. Diane researched the inquiry and had to tell her trampolines were not covered under her current homeowner’s policy. Better safe than sorry, always.