No one plans to be involved in a car accident. But they do happen and it is important to be prepared. Often times we get two completely different stories of the circumstances surrounding an accident. Even if one driver confesses to the other driver it was his/her fault, sometimes, as soon as the police arrive, the individual won’t tell the the correct information and says the other party was at fault.

We want our clients to know what to do in case of an accident. Always take photos from multiple angles before moving the vehicles, even if you’re blocking traffic (always make sure you are safe and not at risk of getting hit). Ask for the other driver’s name, phone number and insurance information before the police arrive, if it is safe to do so. Otherwise you will have to wait until the police report is complete, which can take up to ten days, to find out the other driver’s insurance information.

Click here for a helpful form to document the details from an accident. If you are in an accident, gather the information and contact your Meyer Insurance agent. We handle claims 24/7.